We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our company.

Car Trade 24 is a consultancy service dealing in new vehicles and direct import. The object of our business is the import of new vehicles, annual cars and company work cars. We can also offer you the latest CH cars at top selling prices.

Since 2003 the market expert of Car Trade 24 deals in importing new vehicles from different European countries. There are only a few enterprises which boast such reliable experience in this field. We also have an established network in over twenty European countries which enables us to offer an excellent choice of cars at top prices.

Car Trade 24 has cars, vans and mini-vans, cabriolets, all-terrain and small commercial vehicles – almost all brands. Car Trade 24 also offers you brand-independent purchase network in reconditioned vehicles.

Car Trade 24 is a serious business, which has established excellent contacts to dealers within Europe and Switzerland over the years. It took time and patience to secure these valuable contacts. Through these contacts we can guarantee delivery dates etc.

Car Trade 24 exhibits a small stock of vehicles at competitive prices to meet the individual needs of the customers.

Buying a car is a matter of confidence - we hope to win your confidence and we will do everything, to achieve that.